Upcoming Performance Exhibition ‘You are where I am not, and I am where you are not‘ at NDSM Fuse/ Amsterdam

Dear colleagues, friends, and people we don’t know yet,

Although the artistic research project Imagined Choreographies didn’t emerge from the current situation we are experiencing globally with the COVID-19 pandemic, we cannot help but see a potential link. The situation we (Ilana and Sabrina) had put ourselves in voluntarily back in July 2018 out of an artistic choice, has now become a reality for people all over the world. As a global community our social encounters are limited to a necessary minimum. We are obliged to express care by keeping physical distance to one another. The initial question of how to encounter a body that is not here becomes relevant to many of us in one way or another.

We would therefore love to here your stories of absence!

If you are interested in participating please read our Open Call below!

Cheers! Ilana and Sabrina

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