Artistic Team

Ilana reynolds

Ilana is a free-lance dance artist based in Magdeburg, Germany. Her influences are rooted in Afro-Brazilian dance/Capoeira, somatics and dance improvisation. She studied dance at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst and Escola da Fundação de Dança in Salvador, Brazil. In 2017 she received her MA in contemporary dance education in Frankfurt a. M. Actively involved in the German free-lance dance scene, Ilana gives workshops/classes and collaborates as on several interdisciplinary performance projects in and around Germany.

Photo @ Lydia Bittner-Byard

sabrina huth

Sabrina is a feminist artist, currently working from Berlin. Her practice includes dance, choreography, and writing. She likes to think of herself as a hostess, welcoming collaborators and audience members into poetic landscapes where the real and fictional are gently interwoven. Sabrina studied Psychology at the University of Vienna and Dance and Movement Pedagogy at the Institute INGATA. In 2020, she graduated with a Master of Artistic Research at the Amsterdam University of the Arts and as a guest student of the Master Choreography at HZT Berlin.

Photo @ Christina Häusler

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