Blind Dates – Workshop on interpersonal fictions and imagined choreographies

Over the past years, we have collected, documented and archived the methodologies and strategies behind our work. We aim to create workshops in order to share our creative process in the form of ‘blind dates’. Two workshops would take place at the same time in two different places. One workshop will be facilitated by Sabrina and the other by Ilana. The participants of each workshop will be paired up with a participant from the other’s workshop. By answering the question, How do we encounter an absent body, the workshop participants will be given creative tasks sourced from the methods we developed in order to find connecting mediators to bridge the gap between participants and give an avenue to connect and experience the absent ‘other’. The partners will never meet during the workshop.

Some mediators/tasks include

*Choosing the same book to read simultaneously

*30day/30sec dance films (each day for one month we filmed 30sec dances that we sent to each other. The time span will be modified to fit the workshop timeframe)

*Writing and sending via post unfinished stories to each other which would be completed by the other

*Wandering and wondering for 60 mins

*Creating movement scores: move in the memory of someone else’s actions whom you have never seen nor physically met, however, you share the same process

*Telepathic dances

The aim of the Workshop

is to stimulate new creative practices dealing with a sense of being-with whilst being physically apart. Absence is used to inspire new forms of working together. What are the analog practices we use whilst being physically remote next to/ or in addition to the digitally mediated forms of communication like Skype, WhatsApp etc.? How far do they invite imagination and fiction to inform our sensorial system and explore other kinds of physicality? 

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