Fictional places of meeting is the imagination I have of where or what you must be doing. That imagination I have not yet seen physically with my own eyes. It lingers in my thoughts as feelings, colors, textures…

Ilana Reynolds
Imagined Choreographies

is the over-arching choreographic approach Sabrina Huth and Ilana Reynolds have developed in their artistic research project on how to encounter the presence of someone who is in fact absent. Under the constraint they never meet in the flesh and have never done so far, since July 2018, Ilana and Sabrina investigate through spoken and written text, movement and performance, the imbricated relation(s) between presence and absence: how do we meet a body that is not here? And what do we share? They set up a series of what they call Interpersonal Fictional Realities – shared events, in which they inhabit the same place at different times, or different places at the same. In this way, the absence of one another creates a set of conditions to experiment with modes of being-together whilst being physically remote. You are, where I am not. And I am, where you are not.

Up to now, the ongoing research project manifested into a series of Interpersonal Fictional Realities: the performance installation YOU ARE HERE (2019) (and its video documentation), the booklet  A fictional double interview (2019), and the live performance Dance with me (2019).

The purpose of the online portfolio

is to share with a wider audience the creative process Sabrina and Ilana both have been experiencing and developing. It aims to inspire, connect and further expand the research into other unimaginable realms.

You are absent, but present.