Dance with me

It was as if they were in the nervous system of the other.

Dr Jenny Roche (organizer of  Modes of Capture Symposium at the University of Limerick), Ireland 22.06.19
Dance with Me – performative act on tracing what is absent

A duet about encountering the other without being in the same space but sharing the same time. What is shared when a body is physically absent? What do we imagine of the other? 

The overarching structure of the work is of a dancer projected live within the space of the other dancer who is performing in front of an audience. Both dancers follow the same movement score and design the same physical space by using tape as a way to mark the virtual space of the projected dancer. The premise of the duet is to explore ways of how to kinesthetically encounter, connect and empathise with an absent body which ultimately is imagined through the physicality of the other.

Dance with me – modes of capture symposium, university of limerick

Feeding forward

**We aim to further develop this performance format by having each dancer perform for a live audience at the same time along with a live projection of the other dancer in their respective spaces. We aim to extend the performance with a curatorial set up which emphasises the different audiences’ experience of the other absent audience.