Open Call

SHARE your story of absence!

As a part of our research we collect stories of absence from strangers, friends and colleagues – stories dealing with who or what is absent yet present in your life. These stories can be true, fictional and/or speculative. 

The stories will be collected in a growing archive of Stories of Absence and published on this website. In addition, they feed into follow-up exhibitions of Stories of Absence presented at NDSM Fuse/Amsterdam in July 2020. Our interest is to enfold ways of presenting different narratives on the presence of absence through spoken and written text, movement and performance.

If you wish, feel free to change your name and other personal details of your story to keep anonymity. 

To participate in the project you can either 

Write a letter to an absent other  – the letter can be written in any language and should be no more than one page. 

Create an audio recording of you telling a story of absence – the story can be told in any language and should be no longer than 2 minutes. 

If you wish to express your story of absence in another form, e.g. a movement video, feel free to do so but limit it to no longer than 1 minute.

Allow the following questions to stimulate your imagination

How do you encounter a body/person that is not there? And what do you share/imagine of the other?

How can you touch one another w/o touching one another’s skin?

How can the reality of the absent other pass into bodily sensation?

How does your imagination of the other create a presence for you?

Please send your material to


Ilana and Sabrina

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