Imagined Choreographies

As if the space I imagine you to be, I imagine us to meet, is real but not; not graspable, not touchable but material and actual. It exists. I can relate to it, sense it. As time passes, it becomes denser, tighter, full of details. However, it is fragmented, full of void and cuts.

Sabrina Huth
Imagined choreographies

*the ‘meeting’ point of shared material and immaterial traces (text, notes, objects, movements..) of the other’s absence and where I can imagine your immaterialized body choreographies. 

*articulations and echoes of you not being here inscribed in my body.

*extend beyond the body of the performers; they manifest in the space between different places and temporalities; sometimes between different realities. 

*considered through the lens of the virtual. 

According to Deleuze and Guattari*, the virtual both composes reality and in itself contains all possible realities. It cannot be perceived or sensed because in order for those realities to be conflated they cannot all occur simultaneously in regular time or space. Yet its actualizations and effects are sensible and traceable. They manifest in the images and traces we co-create and collect of one another`s absence.

*Deleuze, Gilles, and Felix Guattari. 1994. What Is Philosophy? Translated by Hugh Tomlinson and Graham Burchell. New York: Columbia University Press.

It made me think of the images and traces I have collected with you in mind. The present absences. Do I have to see something in order for it not to be absent? I think of the wind. Something I cannot see it but it has an affect on the water it brushes against. I can see that. I can’t touch wind, but I feel it against my skin.

Ilana Reynolds

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