Reading your notes, memories, or stories articulated your past through my present/future. Your thoughts expanded in reverberation with my body’s presence. They vibrated through my skin. They vibrated through space and through the architecture of the performance venue. As I project into your future, you sit in my past.

Sabrina Huth
What kinds of stories/fictions do we create about the other’s absence?

Throughout our research-creation process, we use language and imagination to connect to one another`s absence. The written and spoken word become a choreographic medium to bridge the gap, absence, in-between-ness of another. In language there are always multiple voices that weave through time continuums of present, past, and future. In this way, we approach Imagined Choreographies as something that can manifest in the space between words, places and temporalities. 

The artistic research project Imagined Choreographies is articulated in the booklet A fictional double interview and will lead into a follow-up booklet on absent stories of others. 

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