The story begins…

….with a meeting that never took place

On July 29th, 2018, we (Sabrina and Ilana) were supposed to meet in Vienna for a joint week-long residency called Mind the Dance during the 6th IDOCDE (International Documentation of Contemporary Dance Education) Symposium at the Impulstanz Festival in Vienna, Austria. One of us didn´t make it to Vienna, however, we decided to still work and exchange together from our respective places. The physical distance between us shaped our research: how were we going to collaborate without sharing the same time-space? How do we encounter a body that is not here? How does imagination and fiction of the other provide a potent and present space? 

After the residency

We were enchanted by the experience of the physical absence of the other. The absence of the other became alive. Imagination and fiction of the other allowed us to bridge the gap, the’ in-between spaces’ between each other, providing a potent and present space to work from. I put myself in the place you are in and where I am not. 

Feeding forward

Through our ‘never meeting’ and from the initial point of the residency, we have been developing various formats of artistic research including textual, visual and performative expressions. 

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